Spring is Here


What a difference the warmth, the light, the sunshine all makes! The increasing colours coming through outside are a real inspiration and as such I have put together a small Spring collection of prints for you. (View here) 

Spring Paintings

These latest paintings are a burst of colour. It has been a real joy to just paint freely and really indulge in some bright, popping, bold and happy tones. I want to bring the outside in and really capture the feeling Spring brings out in us. The choice of colour is so key to create the right mood in our homes. My new 'Kingfisher' piece is particularly bold and lively and I am really happy with the result of the Linden Green and Spectrum Yellow taking over with a bit of a punch - perfect to brighten up our walls and lift a room.

'Kingfisher' Print (Available here)

Sian Summerhayes Kingfisher Painting Sian Summerhayes Kingfisher Rough

Spring Palette

Alongside these bold yellows, I have also been enjoying a combination of pinks and mints - so fresh and happy together. A lovely look for a Bathroom maybe? I will definitely be using more of these colours.

Spring Palette

'Floral On Mint' Print, (Available here)

Floral On Mint Print

Spring Inspirations

Now it is a little warmer, I feel the garden is coming back in to play and makes a great subject for painting. Here is a close up from my 'Gardening' original painting which is currently one of my favourites. What a peaceful place to escape to - I'm looking forward to what blooms in my own garden now to see what else I can start painting. I've seen my first Swallow too so that is a lovely sign.

'Gardening' Print, (Available here)

Sian Summerhayes Gardening

'Swallows' Print, (Available here)

Swallows Art Print

Some of these paintings will also be available as cards soon so be sure to follow along for when these launch.

Sian x x x