Small is Beautiful

My art and making has become a bit of a creative enterprise in recent years and I am continually learning (and loving!) what is involved in running a small indie business.

Support Small

Now, more than ever, asking you to ‘shop small’ and ‘support small’ businesses in your community has become particularly important in these recent times. Even if not an actual sale, every share, like, comment etc does really help.

support small

Start Small

Wider than this, with all the uncertainty we have been facing, I have realised I am regularly telling myself to just ’start small’ or ‘take small steps’ when it all gets a bit much.

This can relate to my creating too and how sometimes just taking a small step forward is the most important part. No matter how insignificant that step might feel, the rest can then follow. It feels like the concept of ‘starting small’ is really coming in to its own and is so needed for wider change.

Gardening painting

Being Small

Being and feeling ‘small’ has always featured heavily in my life. For one, I am a pretty small person! Now I realise, my work is also really small. I paint small pictures with tiny brushes…… I even had a phase of painting tiny beads (!)

painted beads

Small Is Beautiful

My latest makes are my ‘Mini’ Cat Cushions and one of my most popular products are my ‘Notelets Packs’, which are small versions of my Cards. I just keep getting smaller it seems! Growing up my parents would often say to me -  but ‘small is beautiful’ or ‘good things come in small packages’ and in a funny way that has sort of become my life’s work, with my art and the things I make.

mini cats basket

Now this personal mantra has really taken hold for me and is the advice I give myself when feeling overwhelmed by the issues we all currently face. If we all start with some small changes then surely bigger, better things will come.

Sian x x x